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When facing the delivery process, not all mothers can calmly face the process, so health workers, especially midwives, must be able to provide quality care. Efforts to reduce labor have been carried out, there are various ways that do not hinder the labor process and are not harmful to the fetus. One of them with non-pharmacological therapy, namely therapeutic communication. This study aims to determine the effectiveness of therapeutic communication on the intensity of labor pain in the active phase of the first stage. This research was conducted in RSUD dr. M. Haulussy Ambon. The research design used was a quasi-experimental design with only a post-test with a control group using a questionnaire and a pain scale observation sheet. The results of the study obtained a p value of 0.003 which means that there is a difference in pain intensity in the first stage of the active phase between the intervention groups. The conclusion of the study is that therapeutic communication effectively affects the intensity of labor pain and as a midwife may be able to apply therapeutic communication as an effort to reduce pain</em><em>.</em></p> Anthoneta J. Hitipeuw, Ismiyanti Achmad, Laorina Regel ##submission.copyrightStatement## https://www.jurnalpoltekkesmaluku.com/index.php/JBD/article/view/332 Wed, 29 Jun 2022 14:45:14 +0700 HUBUNGAN PENGETAHUAN DAN SIKAP BIDAN TERHADAP PELAKSANAAN INISIASI MENYUSUI DINIHUBUNGAN PENGETAHUAN DAN SIKAP BIDAN DENGAN PELAKSANAAN INISIASI MENYUSU DINI DI PMB WILAYAH KECAMATAN MEDAN TUNTUNGAN TAHUN 2021 https://www.jurnalpoltekkesmaluku.com/index.php/JBD/article/view/335 <p><em>Early Initiation of Breastfeeding (IMD) is the process of a baby suckling immediately after birth, in which the baby is allowed to find the mother's nipple on its own (not thrust into the nipple). Breastfeeding properly and correctly can increase the success of exclusive breastfeeding, the coverage of breastfeeding is to prevent infant mortality, impaired infant development, and prevent hypothermia. The IMD process creates closeness between mother and baby. This study aims to determine the relationship between knowledge and attitudes of midwives on the implementation of Early Breastfeeding Initiation (IMD). The research method used was analytic observational with a cross sectional approach, with a sample of 34 midwives who opened their own practice around Medan Tuntungan District. The results of the analysis showed that of the 34 respondents who had sufficient knowledge as many as 18 people (53%) and the majority carried out IMD as many as 12 people (66.7%). And of the 34 respondents the majority had a negative attitude as many as 27 people (79.5%), and the majority did not carry out IMD as many as 17 people (47%). There is a significant relationship between the knowledge and attitudes of midwives towards the implementation of the IMD, where the better the knowledge, the more motivated the midwife to implement the IMD. With a value of = 0.015. And a negative attitude will cause the midwife not to carry out the IMD with a value of = 0.021. It is hoped that the midwives at BPM, Medan Tuntungan Sub-district in 2021, will further improve the IMD implementation program in the future.</em></p> Dwi Ris Hasanah, Emelia Apriani Tampubolon, Kristiova Masnita Saragih ##submission.copyrightStatement## https://www.jurnalpoltekkesmaluku.com/index.php/JBD/article/view/335 Wed, 29 Jun 2022 14:47:48 +0700 STUDI KASUS: PAKET EDUKASI “BREAST” UNTUK PENANGANAN MASALAH LAKTASI https://www.jurnalpoltekkesmaluku.com/index.php/JBD/article/view/341 <p><em>Breastfeeding is a government program that must be carried out by mothers after giving birth until the baby aged six months old and even up to two years, because breastfeeding has many benefits, especially for the mother and baby. However, it is undeniable that the fact among the community shows that breastfeeding is actually not easy, many mothers fail in the breastfeeding process and this can affect the health of the mother and baby. The largest average decrease in maintaining breastfeeding occurred in the first week postpartum. Knowledge and correct understanding of breast milk also plays an important role in this regard. Both knowledge about the advantages and benefits of breastfeeding, how to overcome the obstacles faced during breastfeeding, as well as the correct breastfeeding technique. This case study describes the application of the “BREAST” education package to Mrs. A. 6 hours postpartum with complaints of lack of milk production. One of the midwifery care for breastfeeding mothers is to implement the "BREAST" education package which stands for B = body position, R = response, E = emotion, A = anatomy, S = suckling and T = time. Health education can increase knowledge and skills so that they can overcome lactation problems and optimize the health of mothers and babies.</em></p> Viqy Lestaluhu ##submission.copyrightStatement## https://www.jurnalpoltekkesmaluku.com/index.php/JBD/article/view/341 Wed, 29 Jun 2022 14:15:30 +0700 PENGARUH PERSALINAN NORMAL TERHADAP PENURUNAN KADAR HEMOGLOBIN PADA IBU POSTPARTUM DI RUMAH SAKIT AL FATAH AMBON https://www.jurnalpoltekkesmaluku.com/index.php/JBD/article/view/334 <p><em>Efforts to improve the health status of mothers and babies are one form of investment in the future. The success of maternal and infant health efforts can be seen from the Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR) and Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) indicators. Women die from complications during and after pregnancy and childbirth. The main complications that cause almost 75% of all maternal deaths are severe postpartum bleeding, infection, high blood pressure during pregnancy (pre-eclampsia and eclampsia), complications from childbirth, and unsafe abortion. This study provides information about changes in hemoglobin levels after childbirth in postpartum mothers. Under normal circumstances, both normal delivery and normal delivery will lose blood less than 500 cc. Where the loss of blood will have an impact on the decrease in hemoglobin levels. Research conducted by the author at Al Fatah Hospital Ambon on postpartum maternal patients in the postpartum room supported by examination of hemoglobin levels. Data analysis using Paired Sample Test. The results of this study showed that the average decrease in Hb levels in postpartum mothers was 1,2 gr%. Normal delivery is the process of expelling the products of conception (fetus and placenta) that are already months old or can live outside the womb through the birth canal or through other means, either with the help or without the help of one's own strength. In normal delivery there is no episiotomy process. Bleeding occurs only in broken blood vessels around the cervix or tears in the birth canal</em><em>.</em></p> Fasiha Fasiha, Widy Markosia Wabula, Mintje Maria Nendissa ##submission.copyrightStatement## https://www.jurnalpoltekkesmaluku.com/index.php/JBD/article/view/334 Wed, 29 Jun 2022 14:19:47 +0700 STUDI KASUS: KONSUMSI KACANG HIJAU UNTUK MENINGKATKAN KADAR HEMOGLOBIN IBU POSTPARTUM DENGAN ANEMIA BERAT https://www.jurnalpoltekkesmaluku.com/index.php/JBD/article/view/336 <p><em>Anemia in postpartum mothers is one that can lead to complications if not treated. In addition to iron tablets, green beans also play a role in the formation of red blood cells and have many ingredients that can help increase hemoglobin levels in postpartum mothers. This case study describes Mrs. S.M 23 years old, multiparity with Hb level 4.6 g%. The postpartum mother who experienced severe anemia consumed mung beans and combination of iron tablets and vitamin C. Observations of severe anemia in multiparity mothers were carried out through interviews, physical examination observations, literature studies and documentation. After consuming mung beans for 14 consecutive days carried out regularly 3 times a day, the mother said she felt more fresh, not weak, her Hb level increased to 6.2 g%. mother is happy with the situation. Based on the results above, it is concluded that the consumption of green beans can increase the Hb level in postpartum mothers by giving it in combination with the administration of iron tablets and Vitamin C</em><em>.</em></p> Jakob L. Jambormias, Kristiova Masnita Saragih ##submission.copyrightStatement## https://www.jurnalpoltekkesmaluku.com/index.php/JBD/article/view/336 Wed, 29 Jun 2022 14:22:43 +0700 STUDI KASUS: PENTINGNYA ASUHAN KEBIDANAN KOMPREHENSIF UNTUK MENCEGAH DAN MENGATASI BENDUNGAN ASI PADA IBU POSTPARTUM https://www.jurnalpoltekkesmaluku.com/index.php/JBD/article/view/333 <p><em>Breast engorgement is one of the problems that often occurs during puerperium. Many factors can affect the occurrence of breast engorgement, including the lack of breastfeeding intensity, no breast care during pregnancy, abnormalities in the nipples and the lack of knowledge of the mother. Breast engorgement will greatly affect the fulfillment of the babies needs for breastmilk which is the only best food for them to help their growth and development. This case study describes how the occurrence of breast engorgement and the efforts to deal with it in Mrs. S, a 22-years-old primipara. The efforts to handle breast engorgement in this case were carried out by teaching the Mrs. S and her family how to care for breast and nipples, how to breastfeed properly, and providing education to increase her knowledge. The midwifery care provided can help Mrs. S to overcome breast engorgement and breastfeed her baby normally. Midwifery care related to preparation for breastfeeding needs to be carried out from pregnancy to postpartum period comprehensively. Thus, mothers can prevent and overcome breastfeeding problems independently so that exclusive breastfeeding for six months can be achieved.</em></p> Meilany Laisouw, Ratna Malawat ##submission.copyrightStatement## https://www.jurnalpoltekkesmaluku.com/index.php/JBD/article/view/333 Wed, 29 Jun 2022 14:46:40 +0700 STUDI KASUS: PERAWATAN PAYUDARA POSTPARTUM UNTUK MELANCARKAN PRODUKSI ASI https://www.jurnalpoltekkesmaluku.com/index.php/JBD/article/view/339 <p><em>Breastfeeding is a natural process, but often mothers do not succeed in breastfeeding or stop breastfeeding early. Therefore, mothers need help so that the breastfeeding process is more successful. Breast care is an action to care for the breasts, especially during the puerperium (breastfeeding period) to expedite the release of breast milk. Breast care is very important during pregnancy to breastfeeding. This is because the breast is the only producer of breast milk which is the staple food for newborns, so it must be done as early as possible. The assessment in this case study was conducted on a P3A0 mother. From the results of the examination, it was found that the breasts looked tense, the nipple areola looked dirty and the milk had not come out. From the results of further studies, the mother complained of lack of sleep because her baby often cried. Based on these complaints, midwifery care was carried out, namely postpartum breast care, guiding positions and breastfeeding techniques that were good and correct and KIE regarding nutrition in postpartum mothers. Routine breast care can accelerate milk production. The role of the midwife to support the success of breastfeeding in postpartum. </em></p> Widy Markosia Wabula, Fasiha Fasiha ##submission.copyrightStatement## https://www.jurnalpoltekkesmaluku.com/index.php/JBD/article/view/339 Wed, 29 Jun 2022 14:39:27 +0700 PENGARUH PENDIDIKAN KESEHATAN DENGAN MEDIA AUDIOVISUAL TERHADAP PENGETAHUAN TENTANG FLUOR ALBUS PADA REMAJA PUTERI SMP NEGERI 9 AMBON https://www.jurnalpoltekkesmaluku.com/index.php/JBD/article/view/340 <p><em>In Indonesia women aged 15-24 years old mostly experience vaginal discharge. There is always an increase every year up to 70% women who experienced vaginal discharge and 50% of them are adolescent. Good knowledge and care are important factors in maintaining reproductive health. Efforts to increase knowledge are carried out by providing health education. In the delivery of information there are many forms of delivery media such as audio media, print media, audio-print media, silent visual media, motion visual media, motion audiovisual media, motion visual media and audiovisual media. This research method is pre-experimental with a technique approach of One Group Pretest – Posttest Design. The population in this study were young women in grades I-II who were in SMP Negeri 9 Ambon. The sample of respondents in this study was 36 people, using a purposive sampling technique. Analysis of the data used is univariate analysis and bivariate analysis. For bivariate analysis, parametric tests were used, namely t-dependent and t-independent, which were carried out in accordance with the research objectives. The results showed that the average value of knowledge about the meaning, symptoms, causes and prevention of fluor albus increased after being given health education using audiovisual media with a p-value of 0.000 &lt; (0.005), meaning that there was a significant effect on the mean before and after the intervention was given</em><em>.</em></p> Sitti Suharni Hermanses, Sitti Sarifah Kotarumalos ##submission.copyrightStatement## https://www.jurnalpoltekkesmaluku.com/index.php/JBD/article/view/340 Wed, 29 Jun 2022 14:25:34 +0700 PEMBERIAN SAYUR KACANG HIJAU (VIGNA RADIATA) UNTUK PENANGANAN ANEMIA PADA REMAJA PUTRI https://www.jurnalpoltekkesmaluku.com/index.php/JBD/article/view/338 <p><em>The stage of growth and development of young women will be disrupted if anemia occurs. Anemia in adolescents is a problem that requires great attention because the incidence of anemia in adolescent girls is still very high, namely 72.3%. This study aims to determine the effect of giving green beans to increase hemoglobin levels in adolescent girls at UPT Paccing Health Center, City of Bone. The research method is quasi-experimental with a one group pretest and posttest design, sampling using accidental sampling technique where 30 samples of young women are obtained. This research uses a digital hemoglobin measuring device and an observation sheet. The research was carried out by giving 700 grams of green beans per day and then consumed in the form of green beans which were consumed for 18 days. The results of pre-post measurements showed that female adolescents whose hemoglobin was normal from 43.3% increased to 80%, those with mild anemia from 43.3% decreased to 20% while those with severe anemia were 13.3% to 0%. The results of the chi-square test showed that giving green beans to young women had an effect on increasing hemoglobin (p = 0.000). So that consuming green bean vegetables can be used as an alternative and prevention of the incidence of anemia in young women</em><em>.</em></p> Hasnawati Nukuhaly, Kasmiati Kasmiati, Arvicha Fauziah ##submission.copyrightStatement## https://www.jurnalpoltekkesmaluku.com/index.php/JBD/article/view/338 Wed, 29 Jun 2022 14:37:53 +0700