Author Guidelines


  1. The scope of article study should be in the area of food and nutrition, environmental health, nursing, midwifery, and medical laboratory.
  2. Authors can submitting, processing, and publishing the article for free of charge in Jurnal Kesehatan Terpadu. 
  3. Article those have already presented in the conferences should be mentioned in the footnote. 
  4. The manuscript should be written in Microsoft Word program, A4 paper in single column form, Font: Times New Roman 11, line spacing 1 with 3 cm margins each side.  Manuscripts should be in 12 pages including graphs and tables without written page number.
  5. Article should be written in Indonesian (Perfected Spelling System/Ejaan yang disempurnakan (EYD)).  The other language those are used in the article should be written in italic format.
  6. Manuscript should be prepared in the structure of article as follows: Title, Author, Abstract with keywords, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion, Acknowledgment, References.
  7. The submitted article should be original and sent by online to
  8. The final decision will be confirmed by correspondence email.