Stunting in infants is influenced by maternal nutritional histories such as chronic energy deficiency
(CED) and iron deficiency anemia. Maternal nutritional status before and during pregnancy affect the
growth of the fetus. The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship between CED status of
pregnant women with the incidence of stunting in children under five in the Tawiri health center in
Ambon City. This research type was an observational with case-control design and using purposive
sampling. The research subjects were children who had stunting with 76 cases and 163 controls.
Univariate data analysis using frequency distribution, bivariate using Chi-square. The results showed
that pregnant women with CED, their children did not experience stunting (77.91%). LBW occurs in
pregnant women who experience CED (70.00%), while LBW does not occur in pregnant women who
are not CED at 71.77%. Stunting occur in infants who are not LBW (64.47%). Stunting did not occur
in infants with a history of no LBW (98.16%).

Keywords: CED status, pregnant women, LBW, stunting