Early initiation of breastfeeding is an effort to provide colostrum which is rich protective factors. This study aimed to determine the effect of early initiation of breastfeeding on breastmilk volume. This research use quasi experimental. The results showed that the Mann-Whitney test obtained a value of p=0.000 < of α=0.05, there was an effect on breastmilk volume in mothers who did early initiation of breastfeeding. Implementation of early initiation of breastfeeding in case group was 100% otherwise not done in control group, the duration 64% hasn’t been standardized, the breastmilk volume on the third day after early breastfeeding initiation was categorized sufficient (56%) and a lot 40%, which was not 76% breastmilk volume is lacking, there is a difference on breastmilk volume in mothers who have early initiation of breastfeeding and do not have. There is an effect on breastmilk production. It is expected that the role of midwives in providing information to mothers before giving birth about the importance of early breasfeeding initiation. It is expected that midwives will emphasize more on the duration of skin to skin contact, according to minimum standards of 1 hour, Rumkit Tk II Prof. Dr. J.A. Latumeten is expected to do early initiation of breastfeeding as a fixed procedure in the maternity room.