Every workplace always has potential hazards. The potential hazards most often found in
manufacturing industries are potential physical hazards that can affect labor productivity. The purpose
of this study was to analyze the relationship between working period and age of bead craftsmen with
hydration levels. Respondents in this study were 19 workers in PT X Jombang Regency. This research
is an observational study with a cross sectional design. Data collection was conducted from April to
July 2018. Statistical tests used correlation test in testing urin color indications to determine
dehydration levels. The results showed a relationship between the variable work period and the level of
labor hydration with p-value 0.000, age variable with hydration level did not have a relationship with
p-value 0.087 where the temperature in the workspace averages 34.1°C. There is a relationship between
the length of work and the level of hydration of bead craftsmen and there is no relationship between
age and level of hydration of bead craftsmen. To reduce the level of hydration status, it is
recommended that every bead craftsman every 2 hours drink as much as 0.5 liters of water, so that the
need for fluids is approximately 2 liter in 8 hours of work can be fulfilled. Companies are advised to
add the amount of ventilation in the workspace to reduce exposure to hot temperatures in the

Keywords: Hydration level, working period, age