Patient safety in hospitals is a global issue and it is important to establish a safer and more comfortable
system of nursing and health services in hospitals. Nursing care is expected to be of good quality and
useful in preventing incidents of unwanted events that can harm patients and hospitals. The reality in
the hospital even though the socialization and training of patient safety have been carried out by the
hospital to nurses and health workers there are still cases of injured patients, patients falling and wrong
treatment. This study aims to determine the relationship of nurse competencies that was nursing
studies, nursing ethics, drug administration and measurement of vital signs with patient safety in Piru
Hospital in 2017. The type of research is descriptive analytic with design cross-sectional. The
instrument used was a questionnaire, with a sample of 66 nurses at the Piru Hospital in Seram Bagian
Barat District. The results showed that there was a relationship between significant nursing assessment
competencies, nursing ethics, administration of drugs and the measurement of vital signs with patient
safety, at the Piru Hospital. Therefore nurses' knowledge and technical skills regarding patient safety
through various socialization and training activities must be improved so that the safety and security of
patients in hospital services is guaranteed and the hospital image becomes better.

Keywords: Nurse competence, patient safety, hospital