Hypertension is a disease that is known as the silent killer disease or quietly because in general people do not know he suffered from hypertension before they check their blood pressure. The purpose of this study was to look at factors related to adherence to taking anti-hypertension medication. Using descriptive analytic design through Cross Sectional approach. The data were collected by interview using questionnaire. Population in this research in Peukan Bada Public Health Center are 56 people. This study used Chi-Square statistic test. The result of the research showed that hypertension patient mostly good (55,4%), hypertension motivation mostly high (64,3%) and hypertension family support mostly good (60,7%). The result of the statistical test shows that there is correlation between knowledge (p value = 0,001), motivation (p value = 0,002) with adherence to taking anti hypertension medication in hypertension patient and no relation with family support (p value = 0,728) with adherence to taking anti hypertensive drugs in hypertensive patients.

Keywords: Hypertension, knowledge, motivation, patient family support