National prevalence of AIDS in Inonesia at 2011 were 10,62/100.000 peoples, in Maluku until June
2012 there was 782 HIV and 245 AIDS with 108 peoples mortality rate. Since 2012 has been
developed Comprehensive Continues Services in the public health services level. The services started
from preventif, early HIV’s test until treatment activities from various field including complementary
medicine thus increasing the quality of life of patients AIDS. The complementary therapy has been
developed including spiritual therapy. Pray therapy is one of complementary therapy which can
increase level of lymphocite. The aims of This research to determine effect of pray therapy to
lymphocyte level. Methode of this study used quacy experiment with non randomized control group
design with pre test and post test. Samples in the study were 20 peoples. Data were analyzed by using
independent T-Test with result showed pray therapy for 30 minutes twice day has a significant effect of
lymphocyte level (CD4). This result an be used as a nursing therapy to give spirituality of patient.
Nursing maneger can formulate a policy to provide nursing care holistically, provide a format for
spiritual assessment and create programs to conduct spiritual nursing to clients.

Keywords: HIV/AIDS, pray therapy, lymphocyte level (CD4)