HIV/AIDS has become a global pandemic and has received serious attention because it is growing
rapidly in the world including Indonesia. Increased HIV in women because women are vulnerable to
HIV transmission. Various impacts can be experienced by women when contracting HIV, such as the
presence of HIV Stigma. Women are very vulnerable to HIV stigma and the consequences are due to
gender inequality. Women are often blamed for causing HIV infection and being immoral by the
community. Informational support’s necessary to HIV positive women facing HIV stigma. The study
aimed to identify the relationship between informational support and stigma of HIV in HIV positive
women. The study used cross-sectional analytic design. The sample were 106 HIV-positive women,
aged 15-60 years. The informational support assessment used questionnaires MOS-SS that have been
modified, while the assessment of the stigma of HIV used the short version of the questionnaire Berger
Stigma Scale Indonesian translation. The results of the analysis showed that there is a relationship
between informational support and stigma of HIV (p-value 0,0001 α: 0.05) with OR 13,65. This study
concludes that informational support is significantly related to HIV stigma, and one of the
recommended interventions to reduce HIV stigma.

Keywords: Informational support, HIV stigma, HIV positive women