Violence against women is generally a social phenomenon that is very worrying throughout the world,
so WHO has established it as a global epidemic. Violence against women in the household, both in
urban and rural areas, always places women in a vulnerable position which results in a lack of
confidence and inhibits women from empowering themselves. The importance of social support greatly
helps women victims of domestic violence to improve their quality of life. This study aims to identify
social support to improve the physical quality of life of women victims of domestic violence. The
design of this study is cross-sectional. The study sample consisted of 243 women victims of domestic
violence, aged 19-49 years. Assessment of social support using the Multidimensional Scale of
Perseived Social (MSPSS) questionnaire, while an assessment of physical quality of life using
questionnaire The World Health Organization Quality of Life (WHOQOL) Bref the Indonesian
version. The results of the analysis show that there is a very strong relationship, the direction of the
positive relationship between social support with the quality of physical life is affected (R = 0.994, p =
0.000). Social support can be used as an intervention to improve the physical quality of life of women
victims of domestic violence through mentoring and counseling programs.

Keywords: Social support, quality of physical life, women victims of domestic