About 90-95% of the incidence of diabetes worldwide is type II diabetes. Education is the main basis
of treatment and prevention of perfect DM. This study aimed to determine the effect of mentoring
program on knowledge, dietary compliance, medication adherence, physical activity and blood sugar
levels of type 2 DM patients in the Air Besar Health Center of Ambon City. Type of this research is
pure experiment. In this design, grouping of sample members is done randomly. Mentoring program is
carried out before and after the intervention. This research was conducted at the Air Besar Health
Center, from August to September 2015. The results showed that there were differences in knowledge
between before and after mentoring program of type 2 DM patients with p value <0.05, there was an
effect of mentoring on diet compliance and blood glucose levels with p value <0.05. It is expected to be
one of the information for health agencies, especially the Air Besar Health Center in order to improve
services to type 2 DM patients in an effort to increase metabolic control and as input for the Maluku
Provincial Government, especially the Health Office in developing educational intervention programs
with a mentoring approach in achieving better metabolic control.